Girls morning and evening routines


My morning routine consists of getting up and having to brush my teeth and cleanse my face right away to feel human again. My first step in my morning skin care routine is using Elemis gentle foaming facial wash to remove any oils sitting on the skin and wake me up, I remove this with a damp warm cloth. I follow up with spraying balancing toner all over my face and chest to freshen up my skin and allow for better product penetration. I then finish with my absolute eye serum which is a lovely light weight serum which really helps reduce dark circles under the eyes. Hydra balance day cream is my moisturiser of choice as it hydrates and nourishes my skin but also helps balance the oil production. I always apply an SPF as I believe it's extremely important to protect your skin form environment damage and pollution and then i religiously apply my Jane Iredale make up daily. After a long day my favourite thing to do is to remove all my makeup so I feel clean and fresh before bed. For this I use nourishing omega rich cleansing oil for my first cleanse to melt down all the makeup and oil, I then remove and apply gentle foaming cleanser to further deep cleanse my skin and remove any excess makeup. I also use skin buff exfoliator 2-3 times a week which removes dead skin cells and detoxifies my skin leaving it looking bright and fresh! I finish my evening routine with absolute eye serum, hydra boost serum which is amazing for keeping my skin looking young and hydrated and hydra balance night cream. 


When I wake up my skin tends to feel and look very oily, because of this I make sure to double cleanse every morning. Firstly I will use my Elemis Omega rich cleansing oil to remove any dirt or products that are on my face and neck. I will then carry out a second cleanse using my Elemis Biotec cleanser, this wakes up my skin and gives it a fresh and dewy look. After that, I apply balancing toner all over my face and neck using cotton pads in an upwards motion; this helps balance the oil production within my skin and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Lastly I apply a small pea size amount of hydra boost day cream all over my face which really hydrates and nourishes my skin without adding to the oil production; I then finish with a lip balm. In the evening I make sure I do the exact same just with a few extras as I will usually have makeup on. At the very beginning I will use my White Island flower eye and lip makeup remover to remove my makeup in these areas. This remover has a oil base which makes it perfect because it breaks my makeup down and there's no need to scrub around these sensitive areas. Before I moisturise I massage 2 Elemis lavender skin bliss capsules for combination/oily skin into my skin; these hydrate and nourish my skin while detoxifying and balancing oil production at the same time. I love these as they are almost like an anti biotic for the skin. I would also apply absolute eye serum in the evening as I am very conscious of preventing ageing within my skin, especially around my eyes. This keeps my delicate eye area hydrated while reducing dark circles and puffiness. 


When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is jump in the shower. I religiously use Elemis biotec cleanser as it really revives tired skin; even on those days when you feel like death warmed up. It's a great product to just splash off with water in the shower, no hassle required. I use rehydrating toner to spritz across my face (occasionally I will also use this throughout the day on top of my makeup to freshen up my skin and make me feel more awake); this balances out my skins pH levels from being in the shower and also makes my moisturiser go further which is always a bonus. Next I would apply the pro collagen eye renewal; from around turning 26 I've noticed fine lines appearing around my eyes and this is the only eye cream that has improved the appearance of these. I then apply hydra boost serum to my face and neck followed by pro collagen marine cream; this has to be my favourite Elemis product as it feels silky smooth on application and thoroughly hydrates my extremely dehydrated skin. Whenever possible I try to avoid wearing makeup as I feel it's important to give your skin a break and let it breath. However; when at work I love applying my Jane Iredale makeup in the morning. With it being 99.9% mineral based it is kind to the skin and gives a lovely long lasting finish. 

There is no better feeling than taking your makeup off after a long day at work. I use exotic White Island flower to remove my eye and lip makeup which is extremely gentle on my eyes. To dissolve my make up I use omega rich cleansing oil and remove with a warm face cloth; this not only thoroughly removes stubborn make up but also nourishes and hydrates the skin. I always remind my clients that it's extremely important to use a fresh face cloth each day as they are a breeding ground for bacteria and one of the biggest causes of bacteria caused break outs. It's really important to give your skin a second cleanse as more than likely there will be makeup on your skin; for this I use pro collagen cleansing balm. This oil based balm smells amazing and can also be used as a mini facial treatment when relaxing in the bath. It is so nourishing and leaves your skin feeling amazing; again I remove this with my face cloth then pop it in the wash. Next I would tone my skin but in the evening I apply the toner to cotton pads and wipe them over my skin in an upwards motion, I prefer to do this at night just incase there is still makeup lingering on my skin that I can't see, it also makes my skin feel fresher. Just as I do in the morning I then apply the pro collagen eye renewal and hydra boost serum. I then replace the pro collagen marine cream with pro collagen oxygenating night cream. This moisturiser is slightly thicker and so gives better hydration while your skin is repairing itself as you sleep. It's also allows for better cell regeneration so if you've been burning the candle at both ends it really helps you look fresher when you wake in the morning. 

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