Elemis Mens Speed Spa

Elemis speed spa

Mens speed spa

Face ( Touch )

Deep Clean and Dash

This exfoliating anti-fatigue number uses Thai drainage massage for instantly refreshed eyes. Welcome to the new face of…you.

15 Mins


Good All-Rounder

A hydrating, energising treatment for stressed, fatigued skin. Vibrant and vital, you will reign supreme.

30 Mins


Face ( Technology )

Main Maintenance

Get moisturised, cleansed, smoothed, hydrated, de-stressed and de-fatigued. Real results for real men.

30 Mins


Eyes ( Technology )

Eye Do

If the eye area will insist on being lazy and sluggish, it needs to be reminded who’s boss. ELEMIS BIOTEC technology stimulates and tightens the delicate skin, but gently. Puffiness and dark circles are sent packing. Only vibrant eyes are left present and correct.

30 Mins


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