Pretty face Finance

Making Non-surgical cosmetics an affordable luxury

Fior Clinic has partnered up with Pretty Face Finance to provide our clients with affordable payment options. Pretty face finance was created based on the constant growing demand for cosmetic procedures, but the lack of finance options or realistic payment plans currently available within the industry​. 

Pretty Face Finance can assist you with your non-surgical cosmetic desires. BUT unlike other companies they allow you to affordably  spread the cost, over an achievable timescale convenient to yourself. We can guarantee that only provide this service to recommended clinical practitioners that meet all of our required criteria. Therefore, you can rest assure that you are in the complete safe hands of an accredited medical professional.

Apply For Finance

To apply for finance through Pretty Face Finance just follow the link to our page on their website, select your treatment package and fill in your details.  

Pretty face finance is a separate company from Fior Clinic. Fior do not have any part of their decision making.

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